The Society is based at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Co.Down, N.Ireland.
The Ulster Folk & Transport Museum is on the main Belfast to Bangor Road (A2), near Holywood.
The museum is about 7 miles, or 15 minutes, east of Belfast City Centre, and is easily access by road, rail and bus.
George Best Belfast City Airport is also nearby.

Our tracksite is located adjacent to the lower transport gallery.
Location Map

Click below to see a plan of our site at Cultra (opens in a new window):
MESNI Track Plan
Normal running on the raised track is anti clockwise, but clockwise running has been run occassionally, subject to the agreement of all locomotive drivers on that day!!!

The raised track route described:
On starting from the steaming bays, a nice level straight helps to start a heavy load of passengers, through the south tunnel in the wall and into a climb of 1/200 through the trees. Still climbing, the track swings gently to the left and begins a drop of 1/400, still bearing left through the "Cultra Central" Station area below the footbridge. This is one area where speed can rise alarmingly for the unsuspecting driver whose attention may have wandered. A reverse curve amongst the shrubs hides the north tunnel. With the poor visibility, change of direction into the unknown, and a warning blast of the whistle into the tunnel, passengers find this most exciting. Some children can squeal with delight at a higher pitch than a locomotive whistle - ear splitting!! On emerging from the tunnel a beautiful straight is ahead (passing the clubhouse along the way), inviting a spirited dash into a 1/200 climb around a right hander. This particular curve causes some mirth and missed heart beats as it runs in parallel with another curve as double track, and frequently causes faint hearts, and heavy brake applications, as two drivers apparently approach each other on the same track! Entering the middle straight gives the impression of being on a rising track, although it is actually level - it is the ground that falls away at this point. This leads to a left hander with an easy bank up to the highest level, then onto a gentle reverse curve, over the swing bridge road access which is protected by an automatic semaphore signal. Once over the swing bridge, the track drops into a left hander and continues downhill until arriving back at the steaming bays. If not requiring to refuel or take water, or having to stop for other drivers, a warning blast of the whistle is all that is required, and off the driver goes for another lap.